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Terms of service

Chapter 1


Article 1. Purpose and definition


Thank you for using the service provided by RainbirdGEO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). The company has prepared the ‘RainbirdGEO Terms and Conditions’ (hereinafter the ‘terms and conditions’) so that you can access the weather information and disaster notification services provided by the company closer and more conveniently. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you can subscribe and use the integrated service. These terms and conditions stipulate basic matters such as rights, obligations, and responsibilities, terms of use, and procedures necessary for you to use the integrated service.

* RainbirdGEO Service (hereinafter referred to as “RBG Service”): All services provided using the RBG App, RBG Office or RainbirdGEO brand


Article 2. Effectiveness and revision of terms and conditions


① The contents of these terms are posted on the screen or notified by other means, and they take effect to all of you who agree to these terms.

② The company may revise these terms to the extent that it does not violate related laws.

③ When the company revises the terms and conditions, the existing terms and conditions and the date of application of the revised terms and the reason for the amendment shall be specified, and the date of application, together with the current terms, shall be notified for a considerable period from 10 days before the application date, or by sending you an electronic form (email or electronic message within the service, etc.) of the revision of the terms.

④ If the Company notifies you under the preceding paragraph and does not express an intention to reject it from the date of notification or notice until 7 days after the effective date of the revised terms, it is deemed to have been approved in the terms of use. If you do not agree to the revised terms, you may terminate the contract.


Chapter 2. Service use contract


Article 3. Establishment of contract


① To sign up for RBG service, you need a personal email address. If you do not have an email account, please create an email account first.

② The RBG service use contract defines the act of entering an email account for the use of the service as your consent to these terms and conditions.

③ It is concluded when the company confirms and approves your email account and institutional information.


Article 4. Restrictions on service subscription


① In principle, the company approves the RBG service subscription to the applicant for subscription according to Article 1. However, in each of the following cases, the company may withhold or refuse to accept until the reason is resolved.

1. When you try to sign up for RBG service using another person's personal information such as name or email address

2. When there is no enough capacity of the RBG service facility

3. When it is judged that there is a problem in the technical part for RBG service provision

4. When the company deem financially and technically necessary

5. When a person who has received measures to suspend the use of RBG service from the company arbitrarily terminates the RBG service use contract during the measurement period and applies for re-subscription

6. In case of violation of other relevant laws or regulations or standards set by the company such as detailed guidelines

② If it is found that you have subscribed to the RBG service in violation of the above conditions, the company may immediately suspend or delete your RBG service use, with appropriate restrictions.


Chapter 3. RBG service use


Article 5. Provision of various services


① When the RBG service use contract is established, you can freely use the weather information provided by RainbirdGEO and the services such as reporting, notification, sharing, and monitoring of disasters occurring within 10km near you, whenever you want. There is no need to sign a separate contract for use.

② However, in the case of the RBG Office service, you may have to enter into a separate contract of use or fill in necessary additional information.

③ You can terminate the use of the service at any time even after signing up for the RBG service, and reported risk data and the photo data you shared is automatically deleted after a certain period. However, data posted by third parties as scrap or other sharing functions may be used afterward.

④ The company can provide an updated version of the software necessary for this so that you can use the better RBG service. Software updates include adding important features or removing unnecessary features. We recommend constant updates for smooth RBG service use.

⑤ If you find any problems while using RBG service, please inform the service team anytime.


Article 6. Change and termination of RBG service


① The company does its best to provide the RBG service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. However, in each of the following cases, all or part of the RBG service may be limited or suspended.


1. In case of regular or temporary inspection for maintenance and repair of RBG service facilities

2. When there is a problem with the normal use of integrated services due to power outages, failure of all facilities, or congestion in usage

3. In case of force majeure such as other natural disasters or national emergencies


② In case of discontinuation of RBG service according to the preceding paragraph, we will notify you in advance by the method specified in Article 2, Paragraph 3. However, this is not the case if prior notification is not possible due to reasons that cannot be predicted or controlled by the company (disk or server failure without the company's negligence, system down, etc.). Even in this case, we will try to restore the service as soon as possible as soon as the company finds out the situation.


Article 7. Management of posts


① If the disaster reported by the user and the shared photo contain contents that violate relevant laws such as the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the 'Information and Communication Network Act') and the Copyright Act, at the request of the right holder, the company deletes the post according to the procedure set by the relevant laws and regulations.

② Even if there is no request from the right holder, the company may take temporary action against the post under the relevant laws if there is a reason for the infringement of the right to be acknowledged or if it violates other company policies and related laws.


Article 8. Service fee


① The service provided by the company is currently temporarily free. In case of conversion to a paid service in the future, we will notify in the manner specified in  Article 2, Paragraph 3. Besides, when you use the paid service provided by the company, it is a principle to use it after paying the service fee.

② Payment methods for paid service provided by the company include mobile phone payment, credit card payment, and prepaid electronic payment, and there may be differences in payment methods for each paid service. In the case of a service that is paid monthly, payment is made monthly unless you individually stop using the service and request cancellation of the periodic payment.

③ Data communication fees incurred when using the wireless service are charged separately and are subject to the policy of the mobile operator you subscribed to.

Article 9. RBG service usage method and precautions


① You can freely use the RBG service, but you are not allowed to do any of the following actions.

1.  An act of filling in false information when applying RBG service, stealing or illegally using another person's RBG account and password, using another person's name, or performing e-mail authentication without the permission of the holder

2. Reproduction, distribution, or commercial use of information obtained by using RBG service information without the prior consent of the company

3. Acts that damage the honor or disadvantage of others

4. The act of posting pornographic material on boards or connecting (linking) pornographic sites

5. Violation of copyrights or other rights of the company or a third party (Acts that infringe on the copyrights of third parties at home and abroad)

6. Posting false facts about the company or a third party in the service

7. Distributing information, sentences, figures, voices, etc. of contents that violate public order and morals to others

8. The act of registering or distributing computer virus infection data that causes malfunction of facilities related to RBG service or destruction and confusion of information, etc.

9. Sending advertising information or Spam Mail to other users and information that may intentionally interfere with the operation of the RBG service or interfere with stable operation

10. Copying, modifying, distributing, selling, transferring, lending, providing collateral, or allowing others to use the service or part of the software without the consent of the company, reverse-engineering the software, or attempting to extract the source code duplicating, disassembling or imitating the service or otherwise modifying the service

11. Acts of pretending to be others and falsely specifying relationships with others

12. Collecting, storing, and disclosing personal information of other users

13. Acts of distributing false information to give property gains to oneself or others or cause damage to others.

14. Acts of mediating prostitution or distributing information of content that mediates fornication

15. Transmission or posting of information (including computer programs) that is prohibited from being transmitted or posted by relevant laws

16. Posting articles or sending e-mails by impersonating an employee or operator of the company, or stealing the name of another person

17. Posting or sending data including software viruses, other computer codes, files, and programs designed to disrupt or destroy the normal operation of computer software, hardware, and telecommunication equipment

18. Harassing other users, such as abuse of false or malicious reports

19. Violation of other current laws, these terms and conditions, and detailed guidelines related to the service provided by the company

② You cannot transfer or donate your right to use the service or your status in the contract of use to others, and you cannot provide it as collateral.

③ If you do not comply with relevant laws, all terms and conditions of the company, or policies, the company can investigate your violation, delete or temporarily delete the post, or temporarily or continue to restrict the use of your RBG service. Besides, restrictions may be placed on re-subscription or reuse of RBG services.

④ Restriction on use is in principle limited in stages from temporary to permanent restrictions depending on the cumulative degree of the violation, but obvious illegal acts prohibited by related laws such as posting and disseminating obscene content and promoting speculative gambling, or infringement of the rights of others. For matters requiring urgent danger or damage prevention, use may be immediately and permanently restricted regardless of the cumulative degree of the number of violations.

⑤ For details on the use of RBG services and other matters outlined in this article, please refer to the RBG operation policy.


Article 10. Protection of personal information


Safe handling of your personal information is one of the most important things for the company. Your personal information is only used within the objectives and scope you agree to for the smooth delivery of integrated services. The company will never provide your personal information to a third party unless it is governed by relevant laws or otherwise agreed to by you. Please refer to the company's Privacy Policy for any efforts or other details the company makes to safely handle your personal information.


Chapter 4. Others


Article 11. Compensation for damages


① The company does not make any contracts or guarantees for any specific matters not specified in these terms and conditions in relation to RBG services within the limits permitted by relevant laws and regulations. In addition, the company does not guarantee the reliability or accuracy of the information, data, and facts posted on the RBG service in the manner provided by the Contents Provider or written by you. The company is not responsible for any damages caused without the company's negligence.

② The company will compensate for your damage in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and related laws if you suffer damage due to the company's negligence. However, the company is not responsible for the following damages caused without the company's negligence. Besides, the Company shall not be liable for indirect damages, special damages, consequential damages, disciplinary damages, and punitive damages to the extent permitted by law.

1. Damage caused by natural disasters or equivalent force majeure

2. If there is a problem in the use of RBG service due to reasons attributable to you

3. Personal damage incurred in the process of accessing or using RBG services

4. Damage caused by a third party illegally accessing or using the company's server

5. Damage caused by a third party interfering with the transmission to or from the company server

6. Damage caused by a third party transmitting or distributing malicious programs

7. Damage incurred in the process of using the service by a third party, such as damage caused by omission, omission, or destruction of transmitted data, and defamation

8. Damages caused by other reasons without intention or negligence of the company

③ The company is not responsible for the loss of the profits you expect from using the RBG service and is not responsible for any damages caused by the data obtained through the RBG service.

④ The company is not obligated to intervene in disputes arising between the user or between the user and a third party through the RBG service unless the company is negligent, nor is it liable to compensate for damages caused by this.


Article 12. Notice


The company values the exchange of opinions with you. Notifications to all users of the service take effect by posting in the service notice section for more than 7 days. For matters that significantly affect you, we will notify user sending an email to the email address registered in user’s RBG account (if a user does not have an email address, use a separate electronic means such as displaying a notification message within the service), or a mobile phone number registered by the user.


Article 13. Settlement of disputes


These terms and conditions or RBG services are regulated and implemented by the laws of the Republic of Korea. If a dispute arises between the company and you regarding the use of the RBG service, we will sincerely consult to resolve the dispute. If it is not resolved, you can bring a lawsuit to the competent court of the Civil Procedure Act.

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